• SHAPIRA & Co. enjoys extensive experience in leading in a wide variety of litigation proceedings, mainly in the fields of banking, corporate law, property law and construction.

    Our firm has been representing Israel’s major banks and other institutions in high-profile and complex litigation proceedings with great success. We are also recognized for successfully handling shareholders’ disputes in a wide variety of industries and circumstances.

    Ofer Shapira, managing partner of the firm, has also led litigation in a wide range of areas including representation of entrepreneurs against construction companies and buyers, representation of construction companies against banks, partners and third parties, representation of the Israel Land Authority against tens of leaseholders, representation of varied property owners in eviction litigation, representation of banks against construction companies and guarantors, in litigation between co-partners and in many other areas.

    As a firm fluent in both Hebrew and English, SHAPIRA & Co. is capable of representing parties from all over the world in litigation which involves documents, testimonies and cross-examinations in English. Our team supports parties both from Israel in disputes overseas, and parties from abroad in the courts of Israel. Our extensive experience in projects overseas bears out our ability to provide our services in any English-speaking jurisdiction or tribunal.

    SHAPIRA & Co. is unique in our commercial and economic approach of skilled insistence and firm defense of legal rights, while keeping pathways open for out-of-court settlements. The firm’s principal guideline is to manage litigation in a smart and efficient way which achieves not only the goal of the process, but an effective and quick end to any dispute.

    SHAPIRA & Co. is accustomed to highly-intensive court appearances, including representations in legal and factual complex cases.

    Adv. Ofer Shapira, was ranked as one of the top-twenty best litigators of Israel (The Marker Magazine).