• Attorneys

    SHAPIRA & Co. is constantly seeking to strengthen its practice with talented people. If you are an attorney with an academic degree of an MBA, or in economics or accounting, if you have inter-disciplinary capabilities and if you are curious to be part of an interesting and challenging workplace handling distressed businesses, we will be happy to hear from you. Please forward your CV to:


    Legal Interns

    SHAPIRA & Co. is constantly on the lookout for interns. Since we are actually looking for our future lawyers, we expect nothing less from our interns than the abilities, dedication and responsibility required of a lawyer. Concomitantly, we nurture our interns and equip them with all the tools required to upstart their promising careers. If you are looking for a place of professional growth, accompanied by a supporting and fun work environment, you are welcome to send us your CV and updated grades chart to:


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